Divi4Ukraine Update #2: 4/4/22

First and foremost, thank you to everyone who has contributed, from buying coins and NFTs, to sending funds. Every contribution makes a difference, so please share this endeavor with your friends and family so we can continue to support those impacted by the conflict in Ukraine, for as long as possible.

Pins and coins will be on display at Bitcoin2022 in Miami, later this week

Next, as Nick typically does on the live at five, let’s start by jumping into the Numbers:

Donors: 77+
Coins sold: 224 (Gold:81, Silver:69, Bronze:74)
Donations: $175 of USD, and $830 worth of Divi, totaling $1005 USD!
Contributions from Citizens of: Argentina, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and the United States.

Divi generated: 70,420.5 Divi (760 Divi has been added as a result of Staking) Divi donated: 7,777 Divi
Current Divi Holdings: 62,643.5 Divi
BTC generated: 0.001102 BTC
Total cumulative funds remaining in USD equivalent: $3,998.20 USD

NFTs raising funds for Ukraine:

There have been a series of NFTs sold with proceeds going toward the #Divi4Ukraine initiative. The NFTs are on the Wax ($WAXP) blockchain, and the first series (Flowers are better than Bullets) can be found here. In addition, we currently have 2 custom-made NFTs from artists who have already supported the cause through donations and purchasing coins. Please see the two below and get your bids in. Auctions will run through Monday, April 11th, with all proceeds going to Divi4Ukraine:

Divi4Ukraine, helping in Kherson:

Supplies going to those in need

Since update #1, we have contributed to a gentleman in Kherson, a currently besieged city in Ukraine, who is supplying a local Children’s hospital with food. Due to the inability to get supplies in or out of the city, our friend is purchasing food from local farmers and distributing them to the Children’s Hospital. You can review his story here. We intend to continue supporting this effort with weekly donations in the amount of $400–$500 USD equivalent for the next 4–6 weeks, or as long as funds last.

A breakdown of how the donation funds were allocated

Additional support efforts:

We will also be helping one of our Divi community members with some local supply runs for Warsaw central station. A previous run was documented here. We will continue to support Adrian as long as funds allow.

Divi4Ukraine in action


While we have built up enough funds to support these two local efforts for a few weeks, we still need your help! Please visit the Auctions mentioned above, Divinfty for coins, or simply donate to the Divi4Ukraine addresses below:

Divi Address: DFyQHJVyVWgbRaexXrC5BNXxH98VXDF434

Bitcoin Address: 1Efp9SCSaFCUnwXKHUiJ7wf1Nf7bzkM5Mr

Ethereum Address: 0x18de2e097661c5C40476460b31fbd87D00F10EdB

Litecoin Address: LR3YANrEBsxrDnfgzs7pXgNzuCGBfapBz1

WAX Address: dnftycharity

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Divi4Ukraine Update #1: 3/22/22



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